Why Zero Energy Modular?

All-electric and highly efficient, Zero Energy Modular homes are outfitted with rooftop solar arrays and use about as much energy as they produce each year, resulting in low or no monthly energy bills for residents. Although they cost more to purchase than traditional manufactured housing, ZEM homes are less expensive to own from day one.

Zero energy modular offers a new, truly affordable housing option. This housing type is:

  1. Healthy: ZEM homes use only non-toxic materials and incorporate a fresh air ventilation system.
  2. Builds wealth: ZEM homes are considered real property and an appreciating asset.
  3. Ultra-efficient: ZEM homes are affordable and comfortable to occupy with low monthly energy costs.
  4. Quick and inexpensive to build: Modular is quicker than almost any other form of home construction.

What do ZEM residents have to say?

“This was the best move of my life. My favorite part is the solar on my roof as I haven’t had an energy bill this year.”

ZEM owner since 2013

“I’m always thrilled to open my electric bill. With the money we’ve saved, we have helped out family members and paid medical bills.”

ZEM owner since 2014

“Our home is bright and comfortable, the park is friendly, and it’s all at an affordable price.”

ZEM owner since 2017