Zero Energy Modular (ZEM) construction creates healthy, durable homes that generate as much energy as they use annually. With ultra-efficient construction and solar PV, ZEM homes offer low combined mortgage and energy bills
now—and into the future.

The ZEM Affordable Housing Initiative is a program of the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. ZE-MAHI will install ten zero energy modular homes across Massachusetts by 2020, increasing access to quality affordable housing for low and moderate-income Massachusetts residents. If you are interested in purchasing a ZEM home get in touch to learn more about our program eligibility.

Simone replaced a 1981 mobile home she bought from her grandmother. Her favorite part about her new home? “The insulation!”

– Homeowner Simone C.

Purchasing this home was the best decision I could have made for myself. Now that the sun is shining again and the solar panels are producing I am planning on having zero energy cost for the next year and beyond.
– Laurel, homeowner