Energy-efficient homes
built for Massachusettes’ climate


Extra insulation keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Improved air sealing reduces air leakage and protects you from the cold.


Homes built to this standard mean you won’t have the moisture build up that leads to mold and mildew.

Fresh, filtered air keeps your family healthier.

Fuel-free heating means no chimney exhaust, no carbon monoxide and no fuel odors


These homes can access a traditional, low interest, 30 year mortgage.

Sturdy materials reduce repair costs.

These durable, healthy, solar-powered homes have no or low energy bills, making them truly affordable.


Exceptional air-tightness and fresh air ventilation.

Quality materials will endure decades of use.

ENERGY STAR® appliances are certified for quality, efficiency, and performance.


Zero Energy Modular (ZEM) construction creates healthy, durable homes that generate as much energy as they use annually. With ultra-efficient construction and solar PV, ZEM homes offer low combined mortgage and energy bills now—and into the future.

ZE-MAHI brings better homes to those who need them most.

The Zero Energy Modular Affordable Housing Initiative (ZE-MAHI) is a program of the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. ZE-MAHI will install ten zero energy modular homes across Massachusetts by 2020, increasing access to quality affordable housing for low and moderate-income Massachusetts residents. If you are interested in purchasing a ZEM home get in touch to learn more about our program eligibility. Download the printable information sheet.

Photo credit: Efficiency Vermont

Homebuyer Qualifications

ZE-MAHI will install 10 ZEM homes in resident owned manufactured housing communities (co-ops) and as single family homes on private land. In order to purchase a home through ZE-MAHI you must:

  • Earn less than 120% statewide median household income (up to $135,000 for a family of four)
  • Qualify for a mortgage
  • Agree to three years of monitoring of home energy usage and indoor air quality, and provide ZE-MAHI access to electric utility bills.
  • Agree to purchase homes from a ZE-MAHI factory partner.
  • Work with ZE-MAHI to locate a home site where a ZEM home will be consistent with local zoning.

Homebuyers will be enrolled in ZE-MAHI once all program criteria are met, on a first come first served basis. Program will close after 10 homes are installed. ZE-MAHI is dedicated to working with low and moderate income Massachusetts residents ready for home ownership. Please contact us to learn if you qualify and how we can help.

Learn more:Why Zero Energy Modular?

* In order to install a ZEM home in a manufactured housing community, the community must allow modular homes on a permanent foundation and agree to long term leases years.

Get Involved As a Partner

ZE-MAHI is actively seeking development partners to site a total of ten homes across Massachusetts, on private land and within resident owned mobile home communities.

Get it touch if you are you a:

  • Modular factory that would like to build homes to the zero energy standard
  • A resident owned or non-profit manufactured home community interested in hosting ZEM homes
  • A town interested in hosting ZEM homes

For more information about ZE-MAHI please contact our program administrator, VEIC, at: zemahi@veic.org or (802) 540-7833.